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Been using Webster’s 1913 dictionary for a while. It’s a great resource! coreyward.svbtle.com/websters-unabr…

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RT @pitdesi: Freaking Incredible: Agassi knew where Boris Becker was going to serve based on his tongue movements, but didn’t want to use i…

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RT @jcsrb: 6 hours of debugging can save you 5 minutes of reading documentation

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We’re hiring a tech support specialist at OptinMonster. Consider applying, and if you do, tell ‘em I sent you. 😉 apply.workable.com/awesomemotive/…

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RT @bingowings14: Fingers crossed it’s hummus https://t.co/yh7UDRmgNn

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RT @whalefern: the crucial 4th ice cream bowl was lost at some point, forever altering the vibe https://t.co/mVyNtf4kvr

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RT @cheembeam: The way I screamed after watching the end of this video! 😩😩😩😂 https://t.co/gTmu58sezO

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@evernotehelps Nice! Thank you, I didn’t know Evernote supported so many markdown formats. 👍

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RT @LilySimpson1312: This is the finest moment of any nature documentary https://t.co/194NMDC4ud

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