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Thread! Come join us. twitter.com/angiemeeker/st…

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dewy morning and an iphone. beauty lives in the details. @ Southport, North Carolina instagram.com/p/CiBw4squEnU/…

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@flexibits The location permission requests on MacOS are driving me nuts!! I've disabled all location-type features, and it's still requesting. PLease hELp!!

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RT @ronnui_: Hot air balloons kick ass. Are they safe? Not really. Can you stop if you don't like it? Think again. BUT can you steer? Liste…

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@angiemeeker @optinmonster Simplicity, that’s the WORK.

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RT @syedbalkhi: Have you ever wanted to reduce WordPress plugins on your site?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to add future-…

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RT @dmofengineering: Rooting through git blame trying to figure out who’s responsible for this shit.


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just found this, interesting: amazon.com/gp/product/B00…
I'm curious, how do you handle your little tooltips in this ebook?

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@waitbutwhy It would be super awesome if your PDF downloads were better compatible with kindle. The first picture is the actual PDF, the 2nd after importing to kindle https://t.co/FlYB5OMVFw

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