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@PlanningCenter Is there an api endpoint for registrations? Similar to this api.planningcenteronline.com/calendar/v2/ev…
but for registrations listed at https://<subdomain>.churchcenter.com/registrations?

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RT @ugmonk: How do we feel about this next gen of delivery vehicles morphing into cute Pixar characters?

I actually kinda dig it. https://…

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RT @Boris: I created a fake company to play around with spammers, and it is just such a joy to use, and you can use it too.

A thread:


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@ellatrx Do you have any tips/tricks for modifying the buttons in this little link dialog? a.supportally.com/hCIAIx Specifically adding an additional button (here? github.com/WordPress/Word…)

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RT @CMB2WP: CMB2 v2.8.0 released, and will fix that pesky “this plugin hasn’t been updated in the last 3 releases” notice on the WordPress…

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@joncampbell Hmm I don’t think so. Though I’m not sure I’m entirely clear on what you’re asking.

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RT @sanjazakovska: Devs watching QA test the product https://t.co/uuLTButB3x

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Happy New Year!!! #fb

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Tag, you’re it

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