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Ok, last one of this, no more “sneak peeks”. This was a really fun project where I got to practice my #shousugiban skills, learned how to work with LED light tape, and utilized a “French cleat” for the first time, to… instagram.com/p/B4IXAXXlR54/…

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RT @MetroUK: Never felt so useless… 🙃

(via youtube.com/channel/UC4E1g…) https://t.co/2zdGMJxLtW

7:17pm Oct 15th 2019 view on twitter

RT @TheOwenMyers: The dogs keep jumping the fence, a solution has been found🐶😁 https://t.co/uERAWa3F37

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@mystrou please please please please please update Calvetica! Pretty please? I’m 999% positive a paid update would do quite well.

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RT @JeffMyspace: I just feel like all-purpose flour is misrepresenting the number of things it can do

11:08am Oct 13th 2019 view on twitter

RT @MatthewEPierce: .@ChickfilA i climbed into one of your play areas to retrieve my small daughter, i have become lost in the tube tunnels…

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RT @DigitalLawyer: Oooof. Was just subjected to the most credible phishing attempt I've experienced to date. Here were the steps:

1) "Hi,…

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Sneak peek #shousugiban @ Generations Church instagram.com/p/B3WAJZbFvkZ/…

12:27am Oct 8th 2019 view on twitter

@salcode @webdevstudios Congrats Sal! I like that place. :)

1:38pm Oct 3rd 2019 view on twitter

RT @eff_yeah_steph: Today’s goal: Inject every conversation with a heavily emphasized “over all” while wearing overalls.

1:37pm Oct 3rd 2019 view on twitter

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