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March 2022

RT @wpmodder: How much money are brands wasting on Google Ads when I search something like "AT&T Login" and the first result is an Ad that…

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"Good marketing can sell once, but only a good product can sell twice.

In the long run, your performance reverts to the value you provide."


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RT @HowISeeItPod: Mark sarcastically explains value of sarcasm in humor to @Jtsternberg. Nah, he would NEEEEver do that. No really, he’s no…

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4th episode out this week for the @HowISeeItPod :partyparrot:
Most of my followers here on twitter probably know I've stuck to light-hearted and/or tech topics. These podcasts are much more belief-centric. Listen if you dare. 😜

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RT @AlexKontorovich: With Pi Day just around the corner, let’s remember what Pi is all about.

After washing your hands thoroughly, cut the…

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And this is a good follow-up article to balance the previous: fs.blog/reversible-irr…

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“Do not remove a fence until you know why it was put up in the first place.” One of my favorite articles I’ve read recently. So much food for thought. fs.blog/chestertons-fe…

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RT @jayweingarten: After I drink coffee I show my empty cup to the IT guy and say that I have successfully installed Java. He hates me.

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Excited about releasing our 3rd podcast episode today…
but not quite as excited as my wordle score 🤓🤔

Wordle 262 2/6


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RT @HowISeeItPod: In this episode, Justin and Mark discuss the value of changing our minds. Should we be open-minded? Will our brains fall…

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