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February 2022

@anchor is it possible to adjust the overall volume of an audio clip? Realizing the audio we recorded is too low. 🙄

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RT @alphacolin: A hugely underrated part of having a globally distributed team is that it connects you to people all over the world. When y…

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*tap tap* is this thing on? My good friend Mark (not on social media) and I just started a podcast. 🎙
It’s about life, faith and the intersection of heady/heavy topics.
We’d be pleased to have you join us there!


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RT @CMB2WP: Version 2.10.0 (and 2.10.1) released to address some bugs and introduce some infrastructure improvements. Big thanks to @markja

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Get it while it's hot! twitter.com/tw2113/status/…

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@angiemeeker Oh staaaahp

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