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November 2019

RT @mkobach: This is the greatest 5 minutes of storytelling of all time. 10 years later and I still get inspired by it.

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RT @Jason: Obama lecturing young people to stop being social justice media warriors and to go out and actually do some thing in the world #…

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“We don’t need a rotation of martyrs that we churn through. All we need is a constant accumulation of reasonable and sustainable efforts.” — Unfortunately, I see a lot of that churn in WP. Where the old guard is burned out and fresh new passionate folks jump into the gaps left.

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This post is so so good.
People need to be aware of the costs involved, and what it means to contribute to something without hurting yourself or your family in the process. alainschlesser.com/the-cost-of-co… via @schlessera

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RT @svinkle: Hey friend, are you frustrated with the Apple #TouchBar, too? Don't sweat it! Here's "How to make the Touch Bar slightly more…

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