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July 2019

@PlanningCenter Ok, I got another. the ability to embed a form as an iframe (vs the modal approach). That way pages on our site can be used to host the form, vs sending them off to a 3rd-party site.

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@stripe have any docs for integrating subscription pre-pay? Possible?

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@PlanningCenter Additionally, a webhook option would be KILLER. Would make Zapier a viable workflow tool for the forms. I work for @optinmonster, so I build form workflow tools for a living. Ability to register webhook is one of our most powerful features.

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@PlanningCenter it’s really awesome that form entries can feed into a workflow, but it would be great if we could pass the form fields to the card. Is this possible at all?

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RT @cassidoo: Don’t deploy on Fridays, friends https://t.co/2sw7dCoUQu

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@LisaLinnAllen I’ve had some semi-similar phantom issues with opcode cache. Maybe disable that temporarily if you have it?

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RT @casio_juarez: Most people are capable of building systems that are twice a complex as the systems they are capable of maintaining.

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@github super not a fan of forcing mobile view on source view. Now I can’t zoom in/out to see full code. Only options are to scroll which prohibits seeing the full picture.

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