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May 2019

I’m 90% sure this the better way to go (vs “strong opinions loosely held”) blog.glowforge.com/strong-opinion…

9:05pm May 27th 2019 view on twitter

@kevindees Something they just announced. Like github patreon github.com/sponsors

10:23am May 23rd 2019 view on twitter

Fancy. Github sponsorships. I’ve applied specifically for CMB2. We’ll see what happens!

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RT @Nick_Craver: Open Source isn't free; it's paid for by the maintainers.

11:09am May 16th 2019 view on twitter

@cklosowski (to clarify, I can’t see that issue because its a private repo)

4:31pm May 14th 2019 view on twitter

@cklosowski Can you tell me what github.com/easydigitaldow… is about? I see it referenced in EDD_Recurring_Stripe::create_stripe_plan() and curious of background.

4:31pm May 14th 2019 view on twitter

@jacob_pawlak whoops, just found 4 (3 of yours) comments stuck in moderation!

1:45pm May 10th 2019 view on twitter

@jacob_pawlak Hey man, I’m not sure unfortunately. I haven’t worked with WooCommerce in over a year, so I’m not qualified to say at this point. Commenting should still work though?

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This was a very cool exercise. I'd read something like this on a semi-regular basis for sure. umaar.com/dev-tips/200-l… Thanks @umaar

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RT @andrewjsather: @Jtsternberg Backslash in front of a @DuckDuckGo search automatically loads the first result in the SERP.

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