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May 2018

RT @dpatrickrodgers: My new favorite thing is Mick Jagger leaving dorky dad comments on his teenage son's Instagram posts. https://t.co/DFE

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RT @jamesdoleman: Any man who can do this should be allowed to. https://t.co/3SSpaK9R4e

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Millennials were made for this greatness. Never underestimate the man-bun. #thread

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RT @reformed_cretin: i thought this man was staring at me like a psychopath until i realized he put his glasses behind his head lol https:/…

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You know you want some of my strawberry pie. 🍓 https://t.co/vkgyKIs7lf

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RT @CMB2WP: 2.4.0 (and 2.4.1) released with many updates/bug-fixes including applying your default values to repeatable fields, linking opt…

10:20am May 25th 2018 view on twitter

@JiveDig You mean besides the one I pushed 10 min ago? I reckon it will be a couple months unless I have to release… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

10:15am May 25th 2018 view on twitter

It’s been too long (sorry!) but CMB2 2.4.1 with lots of updates is released: github.com/CMB2/CMB2/rele… (and didn’t ev… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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@JiveDig Ok, the fix is in, as they say. :)

10:12am May 25th 2018 view on twitter

@JiveDig yah, the more I review this issue, the more I see several reported issues. :) It’s very very confusing as… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

12:37pm May 24th 2018 view on twitter

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